The way the Beauty Bite krumbles

The way the Beauty Bite krumbles

Starting out in 2014, Keira Rumble’s health and wellness blog was a passion project- a way to share her recipes with friends and family. (But when Lorna Jane pick up a few of your recipes for their very first e-book, you know it’s not going to be a hobby for long!)
Fast forward five years and she’s the proud owner of Krumbled Foods with a range of protein balls and Beauty Bites, a blog thats overflowing with health and beauty advice and an instagram feed that would make even the most seasoned traveller green with envy!
As honest and down to earth as she is business savvy, Keira shares openly with her tribe- documenting her miscarriage and fertility struggles, travelling far and wide to photograph places off the beaten Instagram track, and giving back to the communities she visits. It’s this open and caring nature that really makes her stand out from the pack.


Just to set the scene, can you tell me a little about yourself? Where do you live? Partner, pets?
I live in NSW along the coastline with 2 beautiful sausage dogs- Hercules and Hector- and my partner!

The Krumbled brand has gone from strength to strength in a relatively short time!
It has! The blog started as a little bit of a passion piece, to document my love of food and my transition into a healthier lifestyle. A lot can happen when you decide to turn a little side job into a full-time business! Although with that comes a lot of learning curves!

What are your proudest achievements with Krumbled so far?
Definitely launching into Priceline – it’s one of my favourite places to shop! It seemed like a natural fit for us to launch the Beauty Bites into a store like Priceline, it’s one of Australia’s ultimate beauty destinations!
From the blogging side though, it would be getting my recipes published in magazines. Seeing them in print, with my name next to them makes me so proud!

Speaking of Beauty Bites- what inspired you to create them?
I needed a product that could fit in with my on the go lifestyle, but also served as a healthy snack. I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I decided to make my own! Beauty Bites are Australia’s first fully functional gut health and beauty snack.

Brilliant idea! Have they been well received?
The response since launching has been overwhelmingly positive, we severely underestimated the popularity of them and sold out with our soft launch online sale much quicker than we anticipated!

On a more personal note, you’ve been incredibly open about your fertility struggles in the past, which would have helped so many women. Can you tell me where your mind/body are at now?
Most days are good days, we all have ups and downs. Sometimes I get triggered by little things, but for the most part I am at peace. I am really focusing on getting my body moving and flowing with Pilates and making sure I’m getting nourished with beautiful food and supplements. 

Do you have a morning (or night) routine that is just for you? 
I am such a creature of habit when it comes to my morning and night routine. It all revolves around self-care and skin care! I love to wake up earlier than my partner, dry body brush, shower, then straight after the shower I apply body oil and go downstairs in my robe. I get a big glass of water then in my home office / meditation room I’ll pop on my morning skincare routine. I put on my diffuser and then sit down and journal- I write for about 10 minutes of just whatever comes to me. By that time, my partner is up, and we take the dogs for a walk!


Your instagram account is stunning! Did the travel blogging aspect start organically, or is it something you loved and really focused on building?
Thank you!! It was a bit of both. I was extremely fortunate that I grew up travelling and always hoped that one day I would be able to showcase a bit more of the unknown parts of the world – or the less photographed on Instagram! That’s why you will see me travelling to places like Jordan, Egypt, Uganda etc.
So I think it partially came organically, and then while we were in the R&D stages of the Krumbled Foods business and waiting for trademarking etc, we picked up more travel jobs. I love to work with local communities and try to give back in some way. Travel will always be a love of mine, but right now, of course, my biggest love is building the brand and creating exciting new product ranges!

Do you use a particular filter or preset? Or do you edit each picture individually? 
A few years ago, I purchased a few Lightroom presets, but I found they were never right with my skin tone, or the type of food I was shooting with. So I sat on YouTube for a few hours and now I have my own pre-sets! I will always tweak them slightly to fit with the particular photo though. And I use Lightroom for editing!  

Do you use a planning app to keep your page balanced, or do you like to wing it from day to day? 
Hahaha no I can’t wing it! I plan my feed a few weeks in advance normally, which is good and bad. I used to love the freedom of posting whatever, whenever! But it is much more structured now. I use UNUM for @krumble and PLANN for @krumbledfoods

The million dollar question- Do you notice shifts in your engagement when instagram rolls out an update to their algorithm?
That is a big fat YES!


Life motto?
Healthy is Happy.

Beauty product you couldn’t live without?
Beauty Bites ahaha! Aspect probiotic mask, vitamin c serum & a good face mist.

What do you spend the most money on?
Food and my dogs.

Drink of choice?
Vodka Water and Lime if we are talking alcohol. No hangovers!

Sunrise or sunset?


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