The only playdoh recipe you’ll ever need

Here’s a surprise addition to follow on from my last post on our term at Curious Me- the messy/nature/sensory play extravaganza!

I must start by apologising to my friend, Emma, who makes the most amazing playdoh. Until I started going to Curious Me I thought that hers was the absolute best! Unfortunately… Miss Kaycee has taken over my number one spot for home made playdoh. (I’m sorry Emma! But please don’t stop making playdoh for me!)

Nailing down Kaycee’s recipe was a mission and a half, but with a lot of help (bullying) from her sister, Ange (co owner of Curious Me), I’m so stoked to share her recipe with you! Y’all can thank me later.
Here we go…

2 cups of flour
3 tablespoons of cream of tartar
1/2 cup of salt
2 table spoons of oil

Mix dry ingredients. Add boiling water until doughy.
**note, when adding water ensure to dissolve the salt.
Knead. (Add colour or essence at this time also.)

It’s that simple folks! (Or IS IT?)