Nundah Corner Cafe, by Everly

Mum had a coffee at home this morning then said we were going out for another one. I don’t know why she’s always so tired. I let her sleep until 5.30 this morning and even then I only called her in to my room because Delta Wolfram had done something really funny. Mum didn’t get it at ALL. I guess you had to be there.

Nundah Corner Cafe is run by a lot of people who smile at me. Some know mum’s name and everyone laughs at how “fast” I grow, which, as far as I’m concerned is Not Fast Enough. Gonna be stoked the day I can reach the kitchen bench. TV remotes come at me! As usual, I’m relegated to a high chair and everything interesting is moved away from me. Forks, spoons, pepper, cups and menus. (Seriously guys?)

The best thing by far is the colouring pack. It’s the first thing I insist on as soon as I sit down. It comes with my own crayons, colouring in paper and a kids menu (also for colouring in, don’t care what mum says.)

They have haloumi, fresh juice and toast, which is clearly all you need. I eat half of each piece of haloumi, because that’s the best part (because of Reasons, which are “because I said so”).

Mum orders fancy things: pancakes with meringue, mushrooms & roasted cherry tomatoes, lemon ricotta on sourdough, granola with coconut panacotta, and her meals DO look nice… but tbh I just don’t know why you’d order anything except haloumi.


My rating:

Haloumi quality: 10/10

Speed that haloumi is delivered: 9/10

Kids activities: 8/10

People to dote on me: 10/10

High chair: 8/10

All in all, I like this place. The coffee must be good. Mum throws back two cups when we get there (nothing to do with me, I’m sure) and no one dobs on me for stealth dropping crayons on the floor while mum’s reading a magazine.

P.S. Are you gonna eat that haloumi?

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