Ling Ling’s, a Bali review by Everly

Ling Ling’s, a Bali review by Everly

Hi everyone! Sorry it’s taken me a while to post my latest review; I’ve been on holidays with mum and dad and it was bananas! We went to Bali and I had SO much fun! I am officially now a Bali baby.

One of the highlights was when we discovered Ling Ling’s in Seminyak. Mum said it​’s ​an “Asian fusion” place. I don’t care what it’s called; they treated me like the royal baby and I was 110% living my best life. The servers (I’m pretty sure they were all called Ling Ling’s) were wearing sailor outfits (note to mum: I need a sailor outfit) and I don’t want to brag, but they LOVE​D​ me.

As soon as mum and dad sat down, the​ Ling Lings​ took me away for some exploring. I was very busy and important. I got to learn how to throw popcorn into my mouth (on the ground), pull apart as many chopsticks as I wanted, dance like a maneki-neko (you know, the lucky Japanese gold cat statues!) – they didn’t even mind when I broke a couple of them. Then I got to play a fun game with dice to win mum and dad more drinks! Not sure it was a good idea for mum and dad​ (or very good RSA)​, but it scored me some more time with the Ling Lings, AND I learned how to say “LING LING!” I yelled it a lot after that. They were SO NICE.

Sadly there was a total lack of haloumi, but Mum and dad got me some hot chips (next best thing to haloumi) with stuff called kimchi on it which dad ate, assuming I wouldn’t want it. I did​ want it, ​(I think,) so I cried a bit until they gave me some. To show dad my displeasure at his previous presumptuousness I threw it on the floor.

Ev: 1. Dad: 0.
They have so much other yummy food too, like bahn mi, san choy bao, Korean tacos, sushi burritos, gyoza and lots of sweets like mango sticky rice. Judging from the amount that Mum, Dad, Kathwe and Dadoj ate, it must have been pretty amazing.

All in all it was a great place to eat (as great as life can be without haloumi, anyway).

My rating:

Kimchi: Jury’s still out
Hot Chips: 9/10, on account of the questionable kimchi
Food I stole from other plates: 10/10
The “Ling Lings”: 12/10, highlight of the day. I AM YOUR QUEEEEEEEEN.