Classic, natural room restyle

Classic, natural room restyle

Everly’s very first room was a neutral, circus inspired nursery. I was so adamant that I was having a boy (despite being told the opposite by 4 different sonographers) and didn’t want to go overboard with the girly tones.
Fast forward 3 years and I was re restyling from nursery to toddler room as her birthday present and I had so much fun finding pieces that suited her.
I was surprised at how different it is styling a room for someone that has developed a personality, rather than a newborn baby!

Below is a run through of the key pieces, and you can watch the IGTV video here.

Flossy P is best known for her giant wombat art (you might have seen some of the gorgeous pillows and decals around Instagram) but she also draws other Australian animals and flowers and turns the illustrations into pillows, softies, bags and tea towels. Her Instagram page itself is like one big Pinterest album! #DecorGoals

Everly adores wombats- she has a life sized toy one- so when I saw the famous Flossy P wombats I knew we needed one in her room! She now sleeps on the Wombat ‘Book Boy’ pillowcase and is constantly asking me, if “the wombat will mind me lying on him?” Cue heart melt! The detail on this print is just stunning, and it’s the sweetest thing to see how attached Ev is to it.

I think it’s obvious from first glance at the Flossy P store that Sarah is an artist first- the feeling you get from her Australiana and nature inspired pieces, the love that’s clearly gone in to each print. They’re just joyful to look at.

Moving on, but still bed related… Sonny and Evie Nursery Linen is a brand I’ve mentioned before- we were gifted a stunning Flutterby cot sheet from them a year ago and I knew immediately that I would find her new quilt cover from their range. As luck would have it they were about to release their winter prints, and I chose the beautiful Twilight Blooms. The print pairs perfectly with our Flossy P pillow- which means I can just alternate the Wombat pillowcase and the Twilight Blooms pillowcase. and is great for mamas not wanting to go all out on PINK!

Sonny and Evie is run by a mum & daughter team, Wendy & Sarah, who are just the loveliest humans! Sarah has been a wonderful, supportive ‘insta friend’ to me, and I love being able to share their brand whenever I get the chance.
The prints are stunning and the products are amazing quality. The few times I’ve had this quilt cover in the wash, Everly has taken a more than usual ridiculous long time to go to sleep, because she wants ‘the blanket with the flowers and berries”. Cue more heart melts.

The baby animal wall has been the subject of a LOT of dm’s! These babies are from The Crown Prints, and there are so many cute animals and styles to choose from.
Everly originally received the baby elephant print as a first birthday present which was how I found the brand, and over the next few years she’s turned out to be such an animal lover that it was an easy decision to buy a few more for the new room.

I went with a baby wombat (obviously), a dalmation puppy (101 Dalmations is one of her favourite movies) and added in a baby wolf because her most loved soft toy is a wolf, named Delta Wolfrum.
The Crown Prints has everything from flamingoes and meercats to sheep and koalas, in a few different styles. Want a meercat with a blue cloudy sky background? She’s got it. Want a piglet blowing a pink bubblegum bubble? She has that too.

Our “And Then Suddenly There Was You” print was a custom order from Blond + Noir when Everly was a few months old. I’ve had a lot of things on her walls in the last three years, and this print is still my absolute favourite.

I’ve had a few questions about Ev’s bed, so here’s the low down.
The Boori Alice Cot (in Barley White) is what we’ve had since Everly was born. It’s slightly larger than most cots, and transitions to a toddler bed so I was confident we would be able to use it until she was 4-5 years old. So far so good! We also now have the Toddler Guard Panel (which is sold separately) fixed to the side, which meant I could take out the pool noodle we had under her sheet previously!

Everly’s treasures… mostly these are little pretties picked up at the beach, parks, the backyard! But I did want to link out to to a few of her favourite things… her wooden rainbow and crystals were purchased from Heartfill on the Gold Coast, where I also bought her Crystal Card Affirmations by Growing Kind- those beauties always attract a lot of attention when I show Ev playing with them!
Heartfill is the most beautiful, creative space and it’s always a highlight of my visits to the GC! They stock products from local artists and small businesses, sell dried flowers, host workshops. You can feel how much love has gone in to the store as soon as you step in the door.

On top of shells, crystals and rocks, Everly has her favourite two softies- Evie Bear from Julie’s Little People and Kitty from Little Shop Of Cutes.
Both of these divine little creatures were custom orders, but both stores also have a range of designs that are ready to buy! I’m pretty vocal about my general dislike of soft toys, but these are the exception to my rule. Amazing quality, beautiful little details- they’re the kind of toys your kids will pass on to their kids.
The adorable armchair is from Adairs Kids and was a first birthday present. It’s dI’m not sure if they still sell this chair, but they do have a same-same-but-different pink Clam Shell Chair.

Rugs Of Beauty are the creators of the gorgeous transitional rug in Everly’s room. The Dellinger pink/grey bumped up her room styling from pretty to beautiful! We ordered one of the large sizes- this little chicken was lucky enough to score the master bedroom- and it fits in to the space so perfectly. If it wasn’t weird, I would order another three the same for every room in the house.
Transitional rugs are perfect for ‘tying up’ a room. Pulling all the pieces together to create a warm space, without being a bold centrepiece- like contemporary rugs. So for someone who was rug-phobic, this was the perfect option! I’ve never been a rug kind of gal but this one has turned me.

Lastly, Ev’s vintage dollhouse was purchased for $10 from a Vinnies shop! I’ve had so many people ask where they can get one, so I’m sorry I can’t be more help! (Funnily though, a friend of mine has exactly the same one- it was passed down through a few family members, so it must have been a popular design at some point!)I had the best intentions of giving it a full rennovation, but life and time got away from me and she loves playing with it as is.

That being said, if anyone knows of any amazing doll house restyles please make sure to tag me! I am planning to do it… one day…

Some brands included in this blog gifted products or a discount. All words are an honest account of my own opinion of them.