Cafe Noma, by Everly

Cafe Noma, by Everly

Another morning, another thinly veiled excuse for mum to pile us both (with barely enough time to grab Delta Wolfram) into the car in search of coffee. This time we headed to Cafe Noma, in Wavell Heights. Firstly and most importantly, mum checks the menu; they have haloumi. I’m not sure what else matters after this, but let’s keep on.

Cafe Noma has Brisbane’s ‘Best Babycinos’. I can’t speak to this as I don’t drink them- did you know they have NO coffee in them? Allow yourselves to be fooled babies of Brisbane. I, however, am not.

I order a smoothie, then drink mum’s juice, then swap that for the juice my friend is drinking. It’s about variety.

There is a kids station (so many CRAYONS) and as mum inhales a double shot flat white, I made myself at home by taking up residence at the kids station and flinging crayons, books and toys pretty much all over the place. (Hey, I said I made myself at home). The people working at Noma were very patient with me and smiled a lot – it’s probably because mum says I’m still cute enough for it to be “endearing,” whatever that means. If it means I can go nuts on an activity space then yes, I guess I AM endearing. I am endearing AF.

I returned to my high chair only when the cafe mascot- Cecil the deer- was brought to the table. I promptly dropped him into a smoothie. TAKE ME BACK TO THE CRAYON– oooh look haloumi!

Mum ordered ‘Cecil’s favourite’; smashed avo (this is why she’ll never own a home), persian feta, dukkah and lime. Haloumi on the side. (Obvs).
**Side note, Cecil didn’t eat ANY. So is it really his fave?

There are a lot of vegetarian options on the menu, and mum said pretty much anything can be made vego if you ask the staff nicely (maybe throw a few crayons around, have a stern word with Cecil). The coffee is Merlo, this is apparently GOOD.

All in all, it’s a very nice place and I suppose mum behaved herself relatively well, despite the fact it was her first coffee of the day.

My rating:

Kids station: 10/10, would endear myself again

Babycinos and haloumi: 9/10 if I can swap out the babycino for more haloumi

Cecil the Deer: 9/10 (he loses a point for being covered in smoothie – how did that happen?)


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