Be Bold cafe, by Everly

Be Bold cafe, by Everly

Hey guys, listen. It’s Everly. Hey! Look over here. Are you listening? Are you ready for this?

Be Bold always has SO. MANY. DOGS.

End of review, 10/10. Pass me the yoghurt.

Ok, mum is waving a coffee cup at me and pointing to it. I think I’m supposed to talk about the other stuff they have there, too.

Be Bold is on Sandgate Road in Nundah. I’ve been here a LOT. Catch ups with my friends (mum calls it Mother’s Group), bookclub meetings (I never read the books but mum has yet to kick me out of the group), and plenty of dates just with mum. Or mum & dad. Or mum & aunty Tee. Or mum & whoever she can rope into joining her for coffee and ‘adult conversation’, whatever that is.

They have a really colourful couch that mum can’t decide whether she loves or hates. I REALLY like it. I like it to jump on. And sit on. And then hop down off. And then get back up on. It’s so fun.

Other passtimes at Be Bold include walking around talking to all the other customer’s dogs (trying to decide whether to pat them or run away) aaaaand my favourite game, dunking 75 paper napkins in to my (read: everyone’s) glass of water! I can do this for hours.

My aunty Tee likes to go here with us because they have lots of vegan options that “aren’t just avocado on toast.” There’s sweet potato and lentil cakes, braised beans, potato rosti and my favourite; the zucchini fritters.

They also have lots of regular breakfast foods (all your haloumi are belong to me!) like eggs benny, smashed avocado and also lunchtime burger options.

They serve No Label coffee, which is sourced directly from coffee farmers in Vanuatu, and mum and Tee say it’s DELICIOUS. Apparently this is the main draw for them, but for me it’s the couch.

The parking is easy, the music is always good and the dogs are plentiful. Good times!

Coffee: 10/10 – beyond fair trade!

Haloumi: 9/10 (less points for my breakfast buddies not sharing)

High chair: 1/10 because it’s wooden and I can’t tip it over like the Ikea ones… Sigh mum says change it to 9/10. Eye roll.

Dogs: 12/10