A Letter To My Daughters – By Laura

A Letter To My Daughters – By Laura

Laura is the mama to four, budgeting queen who has a WAY with words. Before we were ‘insta friends’, I loved how raw and unfiltered her captions were. Unapologetically ‘attached’ to her kids (why does that word have such negative connotations when it’s such a beautiful thing??) she continuously speaks from her heart about raising these four little humans- her oldest boy and three girls. The good, the hard, the messy and the love. And there is so, so much love!
She speaks openly about mental health and shares at her most vulnerable points to take her followers along for the ride. She contests popular opinions about breast feeding, attachment parenting and body image with clarity, humour and a solid helping of sarcasm.
Laura is just like you. And she’s brave enough to talk about it.

I’m so proud to share her letter to her girls with you!


To my three baby girls. 

I don’t often find myself at a loss of words yet here I am failing to articulate just what it is I want to say. 

You, and your brother, mean everything to me. I never knew what my purpose was in life until I met you all. I hear other mums forever saying that they feel like they lost a part of who they were before when they had kids but that couldn’t be further from my truth. You guys are my actual reasons for breathing every day. 

You are my biggest achievement. I see the way you all look at me, I know how much I mean to you. I will work on our relationship until the end of my days. I will forever make you proud and will most likely forever make you laugh. 

Some days I just sit and watch you all together. I love to see the way you love each other and the way you exude happiness. I love to see when you hold each other’s hands, when you defend each other and even when you argue. These moments may not seem like much to you now, but they are building your foundations for life. 

Yes, I am the parent but you guys teach me so much everyday. I see in your eyes when I’ve done the wrong thing I even if I can’t fix it immediately I hope you know I’m working towards being better. 

One day, in the far far future, I hope that you look back on our years together with a smile and that you try and recreate the life that we had with your children. 

I may not always like you and your choices BUT I will always love you. I will always be your safety net and I will always have my arms out, ready to catch you if you fall. I will be there to wipe away your tears and I will hold you together until you can hold yourself. 

If I can give you one piece of advice about people let it be this – Don’t ever compromise who you are. Not for a friend. Not for a lover. Not for a job. Not for anything. You are the best version of you and if anyone tries to change that it means they are not your person. 

Above all else, I hope you’re happy. I hope that whatever you choose for your life you are happy. Happiness starts with you.