A Letter To My Daughters – By Danielle

A Letter To My Daughters – By Danielle

The Instagram page @two_darling_girls is a peek in to the life of boss babe, mama and all round gorgeous human, Danielle. A quick scroll through her feed and you’ll find beautiful, warm photographs that perfectly match their captions; this page is all positivity, love and gratitude. And for such a stunning family on the outside, they’re just as beautiful inside. Danielle is one of the most supportive and caring ladies I’ve met in my time on Instagram. She checks in, she follows up, she cares about people in such a genuine and pure way- it’s absolutely heart warming.
I’m so happy to share her letter to her girls with you all.


My two darling girls,

Where do I begin to tell you both how much I love you! Being your mummy is a honour, a blessing and you two are the greatest gifts the world has ever given me (besides your Daddy of course).

‘Mumma’ is a word that I value so much, a word I have always wanted to be associated with and a role I have always put on the highest pedestal. I always saw myself as someone who would one day have children, something I felt was within my destiny and deep down to be a Mum was always my greatest wish of all.

My Darling Tiger, finding out I was pregnant with you, Daddy and I were fairly new into our relationship. We had made plans for our future together but you were not timed or planned. In saying that you were given to us at exactly the right time my darling! The universe somehow knew this was what we needed. I was terrified that adding a pressure of a baby would change our relationship, but you made us a family. You made me a Mother and your Daddy fell in love all over again.

I remember him staring at your cot the day your were born, in absolutely awe that we had created such a beautiful soul from our love. You changed him and I for the better and made us so strong. With you I learnt, I made mistakes, I didn’t always have the answers but you were always patient, didn’t judge me, stood by and always continue to show me unconditional love even when I don’t get it right. As you always say to me ‘It’s ok Mumma, just keep trying’ (because sometimes I still need reminding).

You blow my mind with you sweet, sensitive little soul. I’m told you are me personified (sorry about that) and whilst it is the biggest compliment from the universe, I’m so glad you have a bit more sass and strength about you than me. You are so caring, always putting others before you, always making sure everyone is happy and having a good time (something I know you get from your Daddy) but the thing I adore about you the most is the way you see the world in the most beautiful light. You see it through rainbow coloured glasses and are full of imagination. Something I know will probably stop one day, but for now and until your ready I will fill your world with every kind of magic possible and always make our life colourful.

My little Lu, you make me laugh every single day and I am forever having to change things up, because despite my preconceived ideas of what you would be like, you are nothing like your sister… and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Everything that worked with her, didn’t work for you, things she liked, you don’t, I feel like I have been learning to be a Mum all over again. Sometimes I wish you had come with a manual but I’m grateful that you challenge me, you have made me stronger and the reward of your love that you give in return is something indescribable! You are my tiny package with so much attitude, my little fire cracker, my old soul whose definitely been here before. I can tell your going to be the one who will stand up for what you believe in and I know you will always have your sister’s back.

As mother I still question myself everyday. I still don’t know if I’m doing a good job. Everyday I don’t always believe in myself but every single day that you little darlings wake up with a smile on your faces and I feel love in your hearts I know I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

I want you to both remember, family is the most important thing in the world. Your friends will come and go but family will always be there. You have a wide circle of family that reaches across oceans so don’t ever be afraid to reach out to them should you ever need.
Always tell the truth, even when your scared, nothing you could do to would ever taint my love for you, but promise to always learn and remember the lesson.
Always be kind and the better person.
Don’t judge a book by its cover.
Your smiles will always be your best accessory.
Listen to your intuition. Believe in yourselves.
Know that true beauty is not something you can see but something you must feel and experience.
Give every opportunity that comes your way a go and don’t ever let fear of failing hold you back.
Follow your dreams.

And lastly, remember you have each other. To have a sister, means you will always have a best friend & that is the greatest gift of all.

Thank you for choosing me as your Mumma and for filling my life with magic. I will always give you my best and hope you always feel my love

I love you my darlings