A Letter To My Daughters – by Claudia

Claudia is the larger than life, colourful to the brink of chaotic personality behind the blog; “The Maximalist“, and Instagram page @claudianatasha__ .
In between being a wife, boss, fitness addict, Instagram fashionista and blogger, Claudia manages to be one of the most engaged, present and loving mamas I’ve met. Starting her journey as a young, solo mum Claudia worked hard and built a beautiful life, found her forever partner and added another little girl to the family. Her story and the way she tells it with so much passion and love, is one of the things I love most about this letter.


To my daughters, 

Marley, we nicknamed you Broadway because you are literally the star of our life.  Watching as you break away from the little girl that you once were, to the young lady that you are now becoming, my hope for you is that you shine as bright as you were born to be.  

Don’t let the expectations or opinions of others (except the loving guidance of your dear parents of course) stop you from being your wonderful, unique and creative self- who you truly are, and that is a star!  Some people have called it ADHD, but that’s just a silly little label. I call it your gift. A gift that makes you uniquely you, confident, energetic, creative and larger than life. These are your superpowers and it makes me so proud to see how you use them.

Looking at you now, you wouldn’t even tell that we had a shaky start to our beginnings.  When I found out you were coming into my life I was only twenty years old. Shocked and confused, knowing I would be a single mum, I just knew that you were meant to be in my life. 
There were countless nights where I felt guilty about not doing it ‘the right way’. Falling pregnant in a not-so-serious relationship at such a young age, without your father’s name on the birth certificate was not the plan I had envisaged.  Likewise with working full time and shoving you into daycare at just five months old. Looking back, I feel like it was a crazy time, but then I smile because I know I was just crazy in love with you. There was nothing ever stopping us.  

With my  brave face on I was happy to do life with just you.  Although I always prayed for the perfect father to come into your life and one day, he lovingly did.  When you were just two years old, fate had our parallel universes collide and you met the father you were born to have.  He loves you like he is your own, and whether I am around or not, he will always be your Dad, for now and years to come. 

Sydnee, you are the cherry on the cake to our happily ever after love story, just as we thought life couldn’t get any better, you came to us.   You are literally perfect and things are just easy with you. What else can I say? From your perfect entrance into the world, to being wise beyond your years and everything else in between, you are a lighthouse and light up our  family when sometimes we all feel a little lost along the way.
You are the one who will crack the joke, nurture with a loving embrace, draw one of your cute pics, or whisper a little sweet nothing that will change any mood. What an angel you truly are and I am excited to watch you grow- as much as I want you to stay little forever!

To my girls, as your mum, I want you to know that I love you more than you’ll ever know.  

Everything I do is for you, because of you, and I wouldn’t be who I am today without you.

Even if it’s been a little messy at times, I wouldn’t have it any other way- that’s just us.

I am far from the perfect mother, sometimes that kills me because I like to be perfect, but I guide you in a way that I wish I was guided.    

I know, sometimes I’ll yell, get mad, and even cry, but it all comes from the pressure- the pressure to have it all figured out. When I don’t I sometimes feel like I have failed you, but it’s only because I am striving to be the best for you!  

Marley you have taught me resilience.  Sydnee you taught me strength. But both of you both have taught  more about life than I have taught you. You remind me to be patient, present and to laugh. But most of all, not to take life too seriously and just have a little fun when sometimes I forget what life is all about! 

I can only hope to give you as much in life as you have given me and that one day you will look back and know that I have always wanted to do you right. 
I hope you never fear me as there is no secret in the world that you have to hide from me, because I will be that best friend that you can trust to always have your back.  Together #wegotthis.

Remember that you will always be good enough in my eyes.  I will accept you for who you are, whatever you are, without any judgement, this I promise.

As we move into the future, know I will nurture your hopes, dreams and fears as long as you let me.  
Know that I’ll always be there with you no matter what life throws at you.  
Through every laugh, and every tear, just know I will always be here. 
My heart is full just having you in my life.  

Thank you for choosing me to be your mum.
I am so grateful.

Love forever,
Mum x

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