A Letter To My Daughters – By Alice

A Letter To My Daughters – By Alice

Alice… where to begin? The ray of light that this woman shines for her friends and followers is a beautiful thing. Passionate about all things health and wellness, Alice speaks at events, blogs, photographs, creates, and shares it all with us.
Alice In HealthyLand explores mindfulness, healthy recipes, self love discussions, moving your body and fuelling it with nourishment- along with (of course) the ups and down of motherhood!
Part founder of The Nourished Mummy Project, she has also branched out her recipes to create a go-to app for feeding your whole family, through pregnancy, post partum, baby food, toddler meals and more!
This kind, beautiful soul has penned a letter to her daughters and I’m so happy to share it with you tonight.


To my two darling girls,

Wow where to start! The moment both of you were born I was blown away that I could be a proud mumma to a little girl! (I thought you both were a boy during my pregnancies.) I feel so blessed to have two strong willed girls to love and cuddle every day!
Having the title “mum” is something I have always known that I wanted and I have to pinch myself daily that I get to be your mumma. I knew deep down at a early age that I wanted to have a big family- being the eldest of 8 children myself I always felt a maternal calling. I feel honoured to have your big brother, Cruz and you two little darlings for my heart to love.

I hope that you get the chance to dance around to the beat of your heart and explore this world for all its beauty.
I know the world may not always be safe, but I hope my guidance will keep you safe and give you the confidence to make the correct decisions for you.

Winter Rose, you have taught me so much already. I still remember the day you were born, I spent a few days in labour and then you went from zero to born in a matter of 30minutes! Much like your personality my love. My first born daughter! Such a beautiful surprise!
You are just two years of age now and you have shown me that you can have confidence and sass with a touch of kindness, all in one personality! You have this sweetness about you that makes strangers stop in their path and comment on it! Your blue eyes melt me and I can get lost in them (even with those cheeky looks you give me often).
I hope your confidence leads you to be a strong, loving person towards anyone you choose to spend your presence with! You are passionate about things you love to and I love the special bond that you have with your Daddy. It melts me!

Lottie, my youngest one. You are just 6 months now! What a sweet love filled adventure you have taken me on the past few months! You entered this world 5 weeks early and decided you would make quite the entrance in doing so! You must have wanted to be held tight and close to my heartbeat earth side, like you still do today.
Gosh, you give me goosebumps when I look back to this time! I am so protective of you my little one. Every time I hold you in my arms, I feel so much gratitude that I have you safe.
You have the most adorable smiles and your little chit chat just melts me. I am loving getting to know you every day. There is something special about that smile you have, your eyes light up every time you grace us with it.

Girls, I cannot wait to see you both grow up! I often spend my days dreaming of what and who you will be.
No matter what journey you choose for yourself I will be here to support you. I look forward to learning more from the two of you too, every day you both teach me so much.  A gentle reminder that motherhood can sometimes be challenging, I will do my best to be open and honest with you, in hope that you will do the same with me.

I hope that I can guide you to be kind.

To love your family.

To be sweet to your friends.

And above all love yourself first. You deserve it!

Self-love is so important and sometimes you will face challenges around it… Allow yourself to express your emotions, and remember that being unique and owning your personality is enough. You are always enough!

Know that I will always be here to protect you when you need it.
To guide you when you need to talk!
I will be your arms when you need a cuddle and your pillow when you need to cry! 

Love you my girls!
Again, thank you for choosing me! 

Lots of Love 
Mummy xoxo