A letter to my daughter, part 2

A letter to my daughter, part 2

Before you look for a partner… Find your own worth. Life needs to be worth living alone before you can truly be happy inviting someone else in to it.
Love your friends and family. Support them the way they support you and trust in those relationships.
Accomplish goals you set for yourself. Be experienced in success and failure.
Love your body for the journey it takes you on. Treat it kindly, but remember it’s only the house for your most important qualities.
Be content with your life.

And then

Find someone who reads your favourite books,
and listens to your favourite songs.

Someone who thinks you’re the most interesting woman they know,
and values your opinions.

Find someone you laugh with,
and doesn’t ever make you doubt that they will show up.

Someone who believes in an equal division of labour,
and tells you regularly that they’re proud of you.

Find someone you want to be friends with,
and who enjoys listening to the words that come out of your mouth as much as they enjoy kissing it.

Someone who speaks kindly about people,
and respects your boundaries.

Find someone who listens to your heartbeat,
and validates your feelings.

Someone who teaches you as much as you teach them,
and wants to make the world a better place.

Find someone as kind, as helpful and as brave as you are.