A Letter To My Daughter – By Rhianna

A Letter To My Daughter – By Rhianna

Rhianna is the mindful mama behind Rhianna and co, sharing magical moments and mindful reminders on her blog and instagram page. Both the blog and instagram posts are stunning examples of how to live your life in a positive, enlightened way. She is incredibly raw at times, sharing stories that take courage and strength to articulate, but always shines a positive light on her experiences.
With her eldest daughter – Mia- about to turn 18, the same age Rhianna was when she became a mother, she has written a heartfelt letter about her experience as a young mum, her life with Mia and her thoughts for the future.

Thank you so much, Rhi xx

I closed my eyes, blew out the candles on my 18th birthday cake and made a wish. Freshly expecting, I wished for you Mia and you came true. On my 18th I swapped partying with a bowl of peas. Fearful of our future and riddled with self doubt as a young, single mum. You were born 10 days after 9/11. The world seemed upside down. I worried about all that could go wrong in this big scary world, but the moment I held your little snugglepot head in my arms I knew that everything was going to be okay. You brought me clarity, calmness, kept me grounded and reassured me that the world is full of beauty, magic and good.

As a tiny six week old baby I had to return to work. Thankfully we have always had great support from our family. By six months you were in full time childcare, I regret working so much and missing out on special moments of your childhood, please know, at that time it was my only option and I believe you were so clever because of the carers you had. I also regret the time I thought you were big enough to ride the ‘gravitron’ at Luna Park. 

For the longest time you believed in fairies and Penny, your imaginary friend. Your innocence allowed you to get away with calling a gentleman wearing a turban a genie. Being around you allowed fairytales to become part of daily life. 

We’ve danced and sung radio ads together for almost two decades, we lost a little hearing at the One Direction concert and although I threw you in Harry Styles moving van, I am glad he didn’t drive away with you. There is something cheerful each time I hear you sing, even if it’s mostly in the bathroom on your own these days. 

We’ve been on a few wonderful Australian and overseas holidays over the years. We’ve lived in Goulburn, Sydney and now Geelong. There will never be enough time to share together, but I’m so grateful that I had you at 18, allowing me to share so much of this world you. 

Life has thrown a few curve balls your way this year, while studying for year 12 exams, working to save money, making the most of your fake ID and enduring little sibling tantrums you received news that you have rheumatoid arthritis. You’ve shed tears, I’ve shed them with you. But you carry on as strong and determined as ever. Making everyone around you incredibly proud. 

For 18 years you’ve made motherhood easy with your honest, quiet and easy going personality. I needed you Mia, I needed you more than you will ever know. You have kept me company and made my darkest days beautiful. Always remember James and I are here for you, no matter how grown up you are. 

Letting go is the hardest part of parenting. Every ounce of my soul is telling me to ‘mother’ you, which I will continue to do, only now with absolute freedom to make your own choices… Let’s face it, you’ve being capable and responsible since you were ten, the only thing I’m no longer doing is signing notes for you. I’m confident with the village of people that have helped raise you, that you will be okay and do amazing things. 

Please be kind to yourself Mia and share kindness with others. Be mindful and grateful of life’s little joys. I hope each new experience brings you confidence. I’ll give you the same advice for life as I did on your first date… Laugh! 

I hope your stay in Byron is more exciting than a bowl of peas, I hope you close your eyes and make a wish that comes true. Happy 18th birthday Princess Mia. We love you to the moon and back xox