A letter to my daughter- by Lucinda

A letter to my daughter- by Lucinda

Lucinda… One of those women who looks like she’s fallen out of bed with her hair, make up and Spell dress ready to go. Parenting a curious and energetic daughter alongside a cheeky son, Lucinda still manages to stay calm (most of the time) and look impeccable while she’s doing it. The kindness and all round adorability of her two children is testament to the patient, loving and warm parent she is.
I’m so excited to share the letter that she’s penned to her daughter Seraphina, one of the funniest, sparkiest little girls I know.
Happy Birthday Lu!


My dear, sweet, angelic, abusive, tyrant toddler. I love you so much and I really, really need to get that out of the way first. It’s the obvious. I love you so much that my heart hurts.

I find it impossible to say no to you. It’s probably a good thing because every time I say “No” I’m greeted with a round house kick to the face or an epic tantrum.
You don’t take no for an answer. You know what you want and you’re out to get it.
You are determined, you are fierce and so very brave. I believe you will accomplish so many things with your tenacity.

You completely challenge my patience and I’m not afraid to say I’ve lost my cool more than once to the point of being in tears, in foetal position and wondering how I let a two year old control my life. You love hard and you fight hard.

I see so much of myself in you, but I also see how we are opposites. You’re maternal, caring and a massive foodie. You love to shop and you have to pick your own clothes every morning.
You are incredibly loyal and loving to your friends. You would give them the clothes off your back if you knew it would make them happy. I relate with you on this and have found that I’m a huge giver in friendships.

Yet where I am so cautious, safe, a “rule follower” (I pearl clutch at some of the things you do), you are tough, rough and ready. You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty.
You are SO confident, it’s actually scary. I don’t think I’ve seen you fearful of ANYTHING. I’ve watched you hold spiders, you’ve asked me for a pet snake and you try to jump off balconies. You are a risk taker and you like to live life in the fast lane.

Thank you for never being afraid to ask for help when you need it, it makes me proud that you know what your limits are and when you might need a little bit of help. I feel so lucky to be your mama and I can’t wait for the day we sit down for a coffee and you tell me about your own little toddler tyrant. Oh that day will be bliss, sweet bliss!

My biggest hope for you is that you always come to me when you need help, that you follow your heart, always know that your dreams CAN and WILL become a reality if you truly believe.
Be kind always.
Don’t name call.
Eat your veggies, and be a good sibling.
Stay true to who you are and always know I’m right here behind you, following you blindly and letting you lead the way. I have all the confidence in you. You can do anything.

Love always, Mama xx