A Letter To My Daughter – by Krystle

My first thought when meeting Krystle was, “She can’t be that beautiful and a nice person…”
Turns out, she most definitely is.
Krystle has been documenting her life and journey as Willow’s mama for four years through her blog and Instagram page. The Chronicles of Mumma covers everything from pregnancy to C-sections, breastfeeding to mental health, all written in the same familiar tone- light and funny at times, emotional and raw at others.
Her love for her family comes through in every Instagram caption and her excellent comedic timing make her Insta stories a must for daily viewing- if only to see how much shade her daughter is throwing at her that day.
Through the blog, the captions and the stories, Krystle makes you feel as though you’re just sitting down, chatting with a friend.
A really, really pretty friend.


To my amazing little babe Willow,

Oh my goodness, where to start? Well first of all, welcome to our crazy world! Your parents are hilarious and there will never be a dull moment around our household.

Back in the beginning I never imagined you. I had no idea that I wanted or needed you.  That was until I met your dad. Then everything changed. He was (and still is) the best thing to happen to me at that time in my life where I wasn’t in love with myself and I had lost who I was.  When I thought that I was being loved, but really I was being broken into little pieces. It’s like he pushed the reset button on my soul and I was able to rebuild my confidence, happiness and love for all things that sabotaged me in the past. He makes me laugh, every single day, and not once does he not think about us or how to make our lives better, not just for us as a family but for you. Everything is for you.

I want you to know that you will never feel unappreciated or that your words and actions will never be enough. I will never choose anyone or anything over you. I will never let that happen while there is still breath in my body. Everything you want to do, I will be there to support you every step of the way. I will cry when you cry, I will laugh when you laugh and I will be angry when you are angry.  I got you babe.

I want you to be the person that helps another when they are down, to be the shoulder to cry on and the voice when they can’t speak for themselves. Not everyone will like you, and that’s ok. They aren’t your people. Don’t let others make you feel sad, or let them say things that make you doubt who you are. It’s not you, it’s them. I will help you to be strong, to stand up for yourself and not let other peoples insecurities and doubts become yours.

I can’t tell you what to do, I can only guide you to what I feel will help you grow. I can tell you what I’ve been through and why I don’t want it for you but will be there 100% if you need to learn on your own.  In regards to your future, I hope that you have paid attention to how your dad treats me, how I am the love of his life (as well as you), how he looks after me, showers me with love and shows me that I am worthy and deserve only the best. This is the type of man I hope you find, that will make you feel like a princess every single day, the type that will support your ideas and dreams (as silly as they may sound), be there to celebrate your wins and also be your safe place on your losses.

I hope that you do what you love. Find a job that makes you happy and one that makes waking up each day something to look forward to. I know you will. You’re my daughter, and you will find a way to make it worthwhile.

I try everyday to help you, guide you, push you (a little) and raise you to be the confident and strong willed little girl that I see building every single day.

I strive to give you the things I never had, to experience pure love and boost that confidence I lost along the way.

I love you all the way to the end of the earth and back. You made me the person I am, and I thank you so much for choosing me.